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Promptly abandoned in 1970, volunteers worked on constructing a new cab during the late 1990s.The lookout may be added to the Recreation Rental program in the future.

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This page provides some history, locations, and photos of these last standing sentinels of Washington's past.

First developed about 1926 with a 10x10' shake cabin, a 20' treated timber tower with L-4 cab replaced it in 1938.

The present 20' treated timber tower with L-4 cab, built in 1953, is staffed by volunteers.

After a botched attempt to restore the cabin onsite, winter damage necessitated removing the entire structure by helicopter for offsite restoration.

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There was also a shake cabin added just below in the summit in 1942 which has since been removed.

On August 3, 2014, fire lookout enthusiast Craig Willis became the first (documented) person to visit every standing fire lookout in Washington.