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24-Oct-2017 05:24

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We as viewers are done with those things and it's delightful to realize that the writers seem to be very done with those things also.Of course, one could argue that this show also sometimes jumps the gun and ends plotlines prematurely (Lexi's existence comes to mind), but that's a fair tradeoff if it keeps the twists churning.Or, in the example most relevant to this recap, the fact that by episode 2 of this season Stefan is already out of the safe and Silas seems so doomed?Like, both of those were good concepts for a finale, but nobody wants to see a show with Stefan drowning over and over or Silas walking around being a jerk and using very ill-defined and boring powers on people.Anyway, this is just an overwritten way of saying that this show just GETS us. It knows when to convince us we were wrong about not liking something; it acknowledges when we were right all along about not liking something.

That had to have made national news and sparked a nationwide manhunt right? But while you guys were busy being creeped out by that speech, i was laser-focused on that weird glass of brackish water on the table. Luckily Matt pulled a classic Matt-style shotgun snatch!

And sure, maybe it's not exactly batting a thousand (which is a baseball euphemism that means "full intercourse") when it comes to successful plotlines, but considering it wrings four seasons' worth of story out of each season it airs, this show's success rate is astonishingly high.